Ballard Kayak & City of Seattle Seek compromise on waterfront

pic: Josh Green

Josh Green of King5 reports on the continued negotiations between Ballard Kayak and the City of Seattle to reach a compromise on structures and the shoreline rules:

"..(Becca) Guillote said the city wants them to remove the floats entirely and move the business on shore. Facing fines, they decided to go ahead and dismantle the building. “We believe in the reason that this code is in place. It’s just that the technicalities of the code have made it nearly impossible for small businesses and individuals to work and play on the shoreline,” she said. “The issue has several layers. One is the business use over water and that’s part of the reason we’re taking the shed down. If we can move the business use onto shore but keep the floats to hold our kayaks and launch our customers – I think that would be a compromise we’d be willing to work with. Stevens said they are in contact with Ballard Kayak and working toward a solution..."

Read the entire story & check out the video at: King5 - Business & City try to reach compromise

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